VANDUP Radio live – DJ Griff Live at 8 PM every Thursday

DJ Griff

Get ready to groove your way into the weekend with the sensational DJ Griff, as he hits the airwaves of VANDUP Radio every Thursday evening at 8PM!

This vivacious night is filled with infectious beats and pulsating rhythms that will make you want to dance until dawn.

With Griff’s remarkable talent for spinning mesmerising Tech House tracks, you are guaranteed an exhilarating sonic journey like no other.

Join him live on air as he masterfully crafts seamless transitions between songs, creating a euphoric atmosphere that will have listeners captivated from start to finish. The sheer energy emanating from his mixes will fuel your soul and keep you moving non-stop.

Only on VANDUP Radio can you experience this electrifying blend of genres curated by one of the most vibrant Live DJs in the industry – Griff is here to ignite your Thursday evenings like never before!

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