VANDUP Radio are a thriving hub for discovering exceptional talent, and we are always on the prowl for fresh faces to join our lineup.

If you have dreams of becoming a DJ and want to showcase your skills on this renowned platform, then listen up!

Step 1 is crucial in making your mark:

You need to create an electrifying 60-minute demo that embodies the essence of VANDUP Radio. But it doesn’t end there; oh no! We want you to sprinkle some magic over your mix by presenting on the mic – because personality matters just as much as musical prowess.
Once your masterpiece is complete, save it in all its high-quality glory at 320kbps mp3 format and fire up Dropbox.

Grab that Share link from heaven’s gates and include it with the rest of your application within our form – consider this key another step towards unlocking greatness!

Now comes step 2

Where we invite you to fill out our dazzling form with essential details about yourself, allowing us to peek into your world beyond beats.

Upon completing this monumental task, brace yourself for step 3:

Click submit like a warrior readying his sword – because here awaits our sacred Radio Rules page demanding confirmation from luminaries such as yourself.

The anticipation rises as step 4 approaches

– get ready for goosebumps!
Our esteemed VANDUP Radio management team will reach out personally to inform you if your application has been successful. So go ahead, seize this opportunity and let the magic unfold!

Apply now and embark on an electrifying journey into the vibrant realm of broadcasting at VANDUP Radio.

Your personal information is like a treasure chest locked away in the depths of VANDUP Radio’s impregnable fortress. With an excitement-inducing click, your details are safeguarded within impenetrable walls, ensuring that not even a whisper of them reaches the ears of those mysterious 3rd parties who lurk in the shadows.

VANDUP Radio takes pride in its duty to protect and serve, shielding your private data as if it were a precious gemstone.

And if you dare to venture into the realms of DJing fame and glory, fear not! Our team works at lightning speed, buzzing with energy to review your applications within mere hours—48 to be exact!

So fasten your seatbelts and prepare for this exhilarating journey where luck will undoubtedly accompany you every step of the way on this pulsating quest towards fulfilling your DJ dreams.